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About us

Wenzhou Trasdo Medical Instrument Co., Ltd., founded in 2012, is located in yueqing city of zhejiang province. It is a new high-tech enterprise integrating R&D, design, processing, manufacturing, and sales of dental implants, planting tools and surgical instruments. The registered capital of the company is 30 milion yuan.

The company has nearly 2,000 square meters of production plants, including 400 square meters of levels 100,000 of GMP clean workshops and levels 10,000 of sterile checkout rooms, high-precision CNC machining of small and medium-sized and related facilities imported from Japan and Germany, and Annual production capacity is 500,000 dental implant production lines  has been established. In addition to several inventions and utility model patents, the company has also jointly researched new generation of biologically active dental implants, other implantable implants and artificial joints with domestic and foreign R&D institutions, and established a long-term cooperation mechanism.

The products of trasdo Medical Devices have been sold to all over the world, providing safe, professional, high-quality and high-efficiency products and services for dental departments around the world, helping more people to regain their health. Making dental patients truly have a healthy, happy, high quality life.

Focus is the only way to excel!

Since its inception, Zhaodong Medical has focused exclusively on the field of dental implant medicine. The company  invests a lot top-notch production and testing equipment from overseas, and has cooperated extensively with German scientific research institutions, introducing advanced international surface treatment technologies and product processing techniques.

The company is committed to building an national brand of oral implants and improving people’s quality of life. Constantly increasing scientific and technological R&D and technology importing, investing in the purchase of top-notch production and testing equipment from china and overseas, and establishing a perfect quality management system to create high-quality dental implants which consumers trust!

Enterprise vision

The company is continuously developing better dental implants, implant tools and surgical equipment for the market. We enlarging research investment, expanding the market, improving the overall competitiveness of the Group through technological advancement, industrial innovation, and the operation of international companies, continue to work hard into a more modern and international enterprise, and increasing the level of dental care in China and the world.



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