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Life span of implants

Life span of implants

Modern oral implant technology was first advocated and practiced by Professor Branemark of the University of Gothenburg in Sweden in the early 1960s. After decades of joint efforts by many multidisciplinary scholars, it has so far developed into a mature oral medicine supported by multidisciplinary frontier technology. An independent research category. The progress in this field of research should be said to have fundamentally repaired the cases of dentition loss and established a new concept and method that is more scientific, more reasonable, and more complete.

Oral medicine generally believes that the average service life of traditional fixed repairs is 8 years. According to the American ADA oral implant clinical standard, the 5-year preservation rate is 95 %, and the 10-year preservation rate is 85 %. In other words, the service life of oral implants should far exceed that of traditional fixed repair forms.

Maintenance and life of implant teeth

The general planting of teeth can be used for many years, which is a situation that many people who want to do dental surgery urgently need to understand. In developed countries, the five-year survival rate of patients undergoing dental implant surgery is more than 95 %, and the 10-year survival rate is about 90 %.

However, these figures only reflect the average level. In addition to the length of life of each planted tooth, it is closely related to the patient's physical condition, use, and self-maintenance in the future. The latter is the decisive factor that determines the life span of planted teeth.

Therefore, patients who have received dental implants should strictly follow the guidance of the doctor, including their own cleaning maintenance and regular professional removal of dental plaque and follow-up maintenance.

This will make your implants more effective and lasting for you. What I can tell you is that one of the earliest modern dental plants has served the toothless perfectly for more than 40 years!

There is a relationship between tooth body and periodontal periodontal, and it is necessary to treat the periodontal periodontal teeth with special implant cleansing and natural periodontal cleansing. In order to maintain the long-term stability of the implant.

Planting teeth needs to be coordinated with natural teeth to maintain normal oral and maxillary system functions, and regular adjustment(dentition) treatment of planted teeth is performed to adapt to changing(dentition) relationships.

The implant tooth is composed of multiple parts like the natural tooth, but the various parts of the natural tooth are organically combined, and the implant tooth is connected by screws or adhesives, and the various parts of the implant tooth are regularly checked for defects for timely repair.

As long as you do oral hygiene and regular inspection, artificial implants can last as long as real teeth.



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