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Principle of implants

Principle of implants

What's the principle of dental implants? As an advanced technology to repair teeth, what is the principle process of implant teeth?

The implant tooth is a kind of tooth defect repair method based on the substructure of the implant bone tissue. It includes the lower supporting implant and the upper dental prosthesis.

Artificial materials(such as metals, ceramics, etc.) are used to form implants, which are surgically implanted into the tissue and receive solid fixation support for bone tissue, and support upper dental prostheses through special devices and connections; Planting teeth can obtain the same effect as the function, structure and aesthetic effect of natural teeth, and it has become the first choice for more and more patients with tooth deficiency.

The most used and best used is metal artificial implants, usually titanium, titanium as a rare metal because it is dispersed and difficult to extract in nature; The process of making artificial root teeth is relatively complex, has good corrosion resistance, high strength, and light weight. As an artificial process for implantation of alveolar bone, it plays an important role in the implant.

The dental implant surgery is to implant artificial roots on the alveolar bone so that the alveolar bone and titanium metal can be integrated into the bone. The implant functions through the principle of mechanical fixation. It usually uses a leaf-like device to lift or penetrate the jaw implant. The form of strengthening the fixation force, Bone binding takes about 3-6 months. After waiting 3-6 months, the bones are tightly bound and then they can wear a molded crown so that a beautiful white tooth can be reborn.

The principle of implant teeth is to fix to the alveolar bone in the form of artificial roots. After the bones are combined, the crown is applied again. Because the root of the tooth is already planted in the alveolar bone, the crown can also have the greatest chewing function. You can eat what you want.

Experts remind: the technique of dental implant surgery is mature and represents a new step in the oral field, but it is also necessary to pay attention to oral hygiene, correct use of teeth, and regular cleaning of oral hygiene so as not to affect its service life. With proper use and maintenance, growing teeth can be used for decades or even for life, so that you do not worry about tooth loss.



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