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Manufacture and design of dental implants

    A dental implant comprises a titanium member composed of a sintered body made from titanium or titanium alloy; and a ceramic member composed of oxide-based ceramic, and the ceramic member fixed to the titanium member. The titanium member has a recess, and the ceramic member has a protrusion coupled to the recess and pores, and the titanium member covers the protrusion of the ceramic member. The protrusion has a cross-sectional area increasing portion whose cross-sectional area increases toward a dead-end portion of the recess in a direction away from a base end of the protrusion. The titanium member is firmly fixed and joined to the ceramic member in a state that a part of the titanium or the titanium alloy is penetrated into the pores of the protrusion of the ceramic member.

    A method of designing a dental-implant prosthesis includes the steps of arranging a referential jig and combining the referential jig into a fixture installed in a patient's oral cavity, the referential jig having at least one feature point, the fixture having a connection interface, the referential jig having an opposite-joint interface; scanning the patient's oral cavity to acquire an oral digital data and a referential-jig digital data having at least one feature-point digital data; selecting one digital dental-implant prosthesis from a prosthetic database in a computer, a digital positioning jig overlapping the digital dental-implant prosthesis for combination with the connection interface, and proceeding with overlapping and localization of the digital positioning jig and the referential-jig digital data to combine the referential-jig digital data into the connection interface; and adjusting the position, size, and angle of the digital dental-implant prosthesis to acquire the digital dental-implant prosthesis which is most suitable to the patient.

    A method for designing a digital abutment for a dental implant includes the steps of: a) implant planning where implant planning is initiated based on digital data obtained from the patient and loaded into a computer system to enable an implant fixture to be implanted at the implant site in the best position, b) establishment of digital reference abutment where a digital reference abutment is established at the implant site and positioned on the implant fixture, c) adjustment of the digital reference abutment where the digital reference abutment has a subgingival part and a supragingival part at the top side of the subgingival part, and the angle between the subgingival part and the supragingival part is adjusted based on the best prosthesis position, and d) finish of digital abutment where the digital reference abutment becomes a digital abutment for placement after the adjustment.



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