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Implanting and Repair of Dental Plantations

implanting and Repair of Dental Plantations

Disclosed is a dental implant which is implanted into an edentulous site of the jawbone to function as a substitute for a lost tooth. The dental implant according to the present invention includes: a fixture having a screw coupling hole formed at the inside thereof along the central axis thereof by a predetermined depth, the fixture being opened at the upper end thereof, and a threaded screw part formed on the outer circumferential surface thereof; an abutment secured to the upper end of the fixture and having a locking slit formed at the upper portion of the outer circumferential surface thereof; a screw coupled to the screw coupling hole of the fixture through the abutment and having a sleeve inserting groove formed at the upper portion thereof to be connected to the locking slit of the abutment; and a locking sleeve fitted into both the locking slit of the abutment and the sleeve inserting groove of the screw.

A dental implant is provided that is capable of reliably preventing elution of metal when the dental implant is applied within an oral cavity and capable of reliably preventing the occurrence of mismatching (bumpy occlusion or the like) when the dental implant is fixed in place. The dental implant includes an abutment comprising a titanium member composed of a body made from titanium or titanium alloy and having a recess, and a ceramic member composed of oxide-based ceramic and having a protrusion fitted within the recess. In a pre-sintered state, the recess has a first surface shape providing a clearance between the recess and the protrusion inserted therein. In a post-sintered state, the recess has a second surface shape corresponding to a surface shape of the protrusion so that the protrusion is in close contact with and fitted to the recess.

Dental implant placement may be facilitated using a guide and/or placement system. The guide may allow an appropriate position for a dental implant to be determined. The placement system may position the guide in a patient.

Dental implant drill holes and the shape of a dental implant superstructure are chosen by creating a computer model giving jawbone structural details, gum surface shape information and proposed teeth or dental prosthesis shape information. The computer model shows the bone structure, gum surface and teeth images properly referenced to one another so that implant drill hole positions can be selected taking into consideration proper positioning within the bone as well as proper positioning with respect to the dental prosthesis. Similarly, manufacture of the dental implant superstructures used for fixed dental prosthesis or overdentures can be designed based on knowledge of the actual implant positions referenced to an image of the gum surface and proposed dental prosthesis.



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