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Fixed system of implants

A casting abutment for a dental implant comprising: an apical socket portion, a transition portion bordering coronally on the socket portion, an occlusal portion bordering coronally on the transition portion and having an apical lower rim, wherein the occlusal portion, starting from its lower rim, is provided on its peripheral surface with an area having indentations, whose crests face the transition portion.

     An endosseous dental implant fastening system is provided with a fastening screw that is configured to prevent complete disengagement of the fastening screw from a screw extraction tool during removal of the screw from threaded engagement with the implant and abutment members. A fastening screw is modified from conventional construction by providing the mouth of the socket in the head of the screw that is utilized to rotate the screw with left-hand threads, and to provide an installation and removal tool with a shank having corresponding left-hand threads at it distal tip. Counterclockwise rotation of the installation and removal tool relative to the fastening screw causes the distal tip of the installation and removal tool to advance into engagement with the left-hand threads defined in the socket of the fastening screw. The fastening screw is thereby temporarily attached to the installation and removal tool during installation and removal of the fastening screw.

     A modified dental implant fixture designed to preserve lingual bone by having the coronal aspect of the implant being compatible with bony anatomy that is higher on the lingual side of the implant surgical site. The implant may be of either the single stage or the two stage design. By modifying the shape of the top of the implant fixture to mimic healing/healed bony anatomy, bone is preserved and bone growth is possibly encourage.



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