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Imprint support system for implants

A dental implant impression confirmation system utilizes one or more telescoping crossbrace members. Each crossbrace links one coping to an adjacent coping. The ends of the telescoping crossbraces include tubular eyelets or collars which each attach to a coping by snap-fit. The crossbraces further include articulated joints at each end to accommodate attachment between copings which are not parallel. The crossbrace members are preferably composed of a semi-rigid material such as plastic which permits resilience of the confirmation system to allow for the withdrawal of the copings from the implants while supplying sufficient rigidity to enhance the accuracy of the impression.

An impression gingival cuff for taking an impression during a restoration procedure of a dental implant osteointegrated in a jaw bone. The dental implant is engageably connectable with an abutment having a prominent countour. The impression gingival cuff has a tubular-conical shape, a circumferential thin wall, two open ends including an apical end oriented towards a tooth root and a proximal end oriented towards an occlusal direction, an inner surface oriented towards the abutment and an outer surface oriented towards surrounding gingival tissue. During installation of the cuff between the dental implant and the abutment, the apical end retains the prominent contour of the abutment so that the outer surface of the cuff pushes the surrounding gingival tissue away from the abutment. This allows taking an accurate impression of both the dental implant and abutment in order to fabricate a high precision restoration.

An assembly for securing a dental implant assembly within a package. The assembly comprises a collet that includes at least one lever arm, which defines at least in part, an angular surface and an opening for receiving the dental implant assembly. The assembly also includes a vial that defines a cavity in which the collet is positioned and a complementary angular surface that is configured such that, when the complementary angular surface moves with respect to the collet, the complementary angular surface pushes on the angular surface so as to reduce the diameter of the opening.



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