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Type of implant

Type of implant

The implant is a key part of the implant tooth. There are currently three types of implant teeth:
1, hollow circular implant. Clinically less used.
2, leaf-shaped implants. Leaf implants are mainly used for the cultivation of posterior tooth loss. According to the missing tooth parts, the number of missing teeth, and the shape of the local alveolar bone designed into various implants; It is generally made of pure titanium and can also have one or two segments. Mainly suitable for blade alveolar bone or alveolar bone height deficiency. The main advantages of leaf implants are that the implantation has less bone damage, a large area of contact with the bone, and thin leaves. After implantation, the cheek tongue side supports thicker bones and has better stability. For special parts, it can be determined as needed. Design flexibility.
3, spiral implants. There are two kinds of cones and cylinders, of which cylindrical ones are more commonly used. The most common material is the base of pure titanium or titanium alloy structure. At present, the surface is treated with sprayed bio-ceramics, bio-oxidation treatment, and simultaneous bone-adding.

How should we distinguish the types of implants? For planting roots, most Aimei customers do not know the detailed types of planting teeth, and they tend to pay attention to brands, prices, and other issues. In fact, the in-depth analysis of planted teeth is very different in terms of type. The following analysis is based on the different characteristics of the implant. Different types of planting materials can be divided into: metal implants, ceramic implants, composite implants, and other material implants. Recommended article: Which structural components of the implant are the most popular metal implants at present, mainly made of pure titanium. This is because titanium biocompatibility is good, non-toxic side effects, non-magnetic, no stimulation. Moreover, long-term tests have proved that pure Titanium is stable, good wear resistance, good corrosion resistance, and good moisture type in the body, and it is not easy to attach organic matter. Due to the complicated process of pure titanium plant, the service life of pure titanium tooth roots in China is about ten years, and the imported high-quality plants in foreign countries are about thirty to forty years.



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